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Process know how Offered

  • Heat transfer tube {specially shaped}
  • Precipitated / Activated Calcium Carbonate (all grades)
  • N.F. Grade Magnesium Hydroxide {pharmaceutical grade}
  • Light basic Magnesium carbonate by Carbonation Process
  • Thermal insulation moulds from wollastonits and siliceous earth mineral
  • Aluminium Silicate {equivalent to Sipernat 820A of degussa grade}
  • Sodium Aluminium silicate {Detergent Grade Zeolite-A}
  • Precipitated Silica using acidic effluent. from an industry
  • Precipitated silica {Ulrasil-vn-3 grade equivalent}
  • Aluminium Hydroxide Gel. I.P. powder
  • Organo-Clays for grease (high temp) and paint formulation
  • Colloidal Silica {30% concentration}
  • Pottasium silicate {Electronic grade}
  • Alumina hydrate (ink grade)
  • Zeolite-A (detergent grade) from alumina refinary liquor
  • Heavy basic magnesium carbonate
  • Abrasive Silica for Gel Dental Toothpaste formulation
  • Treated Silica for cosmetic & tonner ink
  • Coated Silica for printing ink
  • Coated Silica for Lacquers / Paint
  • Precipitated Silica for plastic films (anti blocking agent)
  • Colorless / Colored Silica agglomerates for gel toothpaste formulation
  • Colored Calcium Carbonate agglomerates
  • Low surface Area Silica for silicone rubber
  • High surface Area Silica for Silicone rubber
  • Cheaper route for rubber grade precipitated Silica
  • Highly Dispersible Silica for car tyre tread. (GREEN TIRE-CONCEPT)
  • Highly Abrasive Silica for toothpaste and other applications
  • Thickening Silica (High Viscosity)
  • Sensory silica granules for opaque/gel toothpaste
  • Silica having - High DBP Absorption for weedicide & pesticides
  • Silica having > 400% water absorption capacity for processing aid
  • Silica for plastic master batches
  • Light Basic Magnesium Carbonate from Calcined Magnesite.
  • Soap Grade Sodium Silicate from Rice Husk Ash
  • Rubber Grade Precipitated Silica from Rice Husk Ash.
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